StrikeMaps: A Global Center for Whale Ship Strike Mapping and Prevention

A Whale Mostly Submerged In The Water With Only It Tail In The Air With A Large Boat In The BackGlobally, hundreds and possible thousands of large whales are killed annually by large ships in areas where ships and whales co-occur. We have partnered with the Great Whale Conservancy to create a whale ship strike mapping and policy center called StrikeMaps. We are developing innovative softward for mapping whale ship strikes and developing best practices and solutions necessary to avoid such collisions. StrikeMaps is working cooperatively with scientists, governments, the retail and shipping industry, and conservationists to map areas and develop solutions that can prevent whale-ship collisions. Appropriately planned shipping lane changes, temporal adjustments to shipping schedules, limits on vessel speeds, or development and implementation of new technologies can save hundreds of whales annually. Please visit to learn more about this important work.

Map Of The World With Colored Shipping Routes